Volunteer/Career Opportunities

Committed to solving some of the world’s biggest problems faced by its most vulnerable citizens.

Volunteer/Career Opportunities

Child Steps International is so grateful for your willingness to give your time and expertise to support our work.

We offer several volunteer opportunities and we appreciate if you take some time to familiarize with our mission, cause and project descriptions before you consider a position.

We welcome inquiries if you have skills or ideas that will help us improve our work or if you’re interested in volunteering from home, e-mail us info@childstepsinternational.org to discuss your interest.

Our volunteers support the development aspirations of those who strive for a better future for themselves, their children, and their communities. You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteerism and it can be both challenging and rewarding and require you to use your skills in a new context. You can also transfer useful knowledge while gaining a greater understanding of the issues affecting other people.

Please indicate which languages you speak and if you can speak any of the local Liberian dialects.

Are you interested and/or available to volunteer your time and skills? Please complete and submit the form below. If you’re interested in a career position, please fill out the form and send your resume to info@childstepsinternational.org.

    Current positions available