Our Projects

Committed to solving some of the world’s biggest problems faced by its most vulnerable citizens.

Our Current Projects

The Law +You: Rights & Responsibilities of the Liberian Citizen project promotes a culture of peace by giving school aged children, out-of-school youth and other vulnerable community members an understanding of the laws and their rights and responsibilities through interactive lessons, thereby making them become a voice for a more transparent, fair and equitable society.


The Community Baseline Needs Assessment project is a USAID funded collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, World Learning and Child Steps International. Child Steps International performed the research and produced a mixed quantitative and qualitative report for the project.

The assessment identified unmet needs of orphans and vulnerable children in Liberia, common interventions to benefit and impact this population and their families/caregivers within the context of their various communities and cultures. The end goal of this project is to increase and improve systems of care and services to orphans, vulnerable children, and families affected by poverty, war and other risk factors.


Liberia SCORES program (Social And Community Organization For Revitalization, Empowerment, And Sustainability)

The Liberia SCORES program is an initiative to implement Community Centers across the entire country. Our mission is to strengthen families by exposing youth and adults to positive activities that will help them reach their fullest potential.


Why Measurement Matters

Measurement doesn’t just make us smarter, it holds us accountable for results. We never begin a project without a comprehensive measurement plan outlining our objectives and the steps that will be needed to meet them.

Measurement starts with research, planning and unbiased questions.

It must always include multiple collection media – such as written response, verbal response and digital documentation.

Measurement ends with Honest assessment of data, sharing lessons learned and strategic re-direction.

The results may not always be what we hope or expect, but honest measurement gives us a roadmap, and we could not move forward without it. We believe every touchpoint is an opportunity for improvement.

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